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Welcome to Rosefire Services LLC. Rosefire Services LLC is an outpatient substance abuse treatment program that will help teach those who want to how to live without the use of alcohol or drugs.

The Winter Holidays are upon us, Winter Solstice, Christmas with New Year Years Eve following close behind! There are presents to make, or buy, families get together more often, friends want go out to ¨celebrate¨,  you may run into some friends you haven´t seen in years as well.There may be work parties, special dinners, and lunches, some may be impromtu leaving l no time or very little time to plan ahead.

For some it may not cause a problem,  they go out and celebrate and drink or use drugs and a have good time, and don´t get into trouble, don´t get sick, and don´t feel guilty! Their life goes on as normal. But you go out and have a few beers, and you it gets complicated! Maybe nothing bad happened but you feel guilty. Maybe you do get into trouble, fights at the bar, or party, and when you get home,  those you live  get upset with your use and it usually ends up in a bad arguement, the destruction of things, or verbal or physical violence.You may be stopped by the local authorities and end up with a ticket, and a court date resulting in jail time or probation.


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